A Living Union with Well Grounded Ramifications (Intro) (11 of 24) by Wayne Hinson

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A Living Union with Well Grounded Ramifications (Intro) (11 of 24)
Chapter Four - "God's Combining of a Living Union ... The Brotherhood"
Series: That Glorious Union...Ephesians
Wayne Hinson
Ephesians Chapter Four

Intro: Ephesians chapter four is a heavenly encyclopedia that depicts and describes a living union which is the brotherhood of the church. This brotherhood is not only an organization, but is a divine organism. As an organization and an organism, it's membership is made up of those who undertake the obligation to live and abide in harmony with the standards set forth. The unity of the brotherhood in totality, can never be any stronger than the unity of individual trust. The picture of the brotherhood of the church, reveals that it's members are citizens of a new kingdom, characterized with a new allegiance, centered in a new family, communicating in a new fellowship, contained in a new temple, and concentrating on a new purpose. The purpose of power for the brotherhood is compacted into one word, unity. In this message, we will examine the purpose of unity, the pattern of unity and the practice of unity. Unity is not just union. You can tie the tails of two tom cats together and string them across a clothes line. There is union, but no unity.

(verse 1 "walk worthy")

A) A purpose which demands a correct aim
A correct aim will not be achieved if we have:

1. Blurred Vision
Sometimes we see things only as they relate to us. This is blurred vision. We must view the brotherhood with a broad vision. This means we must act with respect of how our actions impact the whole brotherhood. We would not dare go deer hunting with someone who has blurred vision, lest they view us in their sights as a ten point buck. Blurred vision is the cause of our shooting the wounded instead of shooting the devil. The church has ceased to be fishers of men, and has become the kee ...

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