A Living Union with a Wondrous Regulation (13 of 24) by Wayne Hinson

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A Living Union with a Wondrous Regulation (13 of 24)
Chapter Four God's Combining of a Living Union …. The Brotherhood
Series: That Glorious Union.....Ephesians
Wayne Hinson
Ephesians 4: 4 thru 12

(verses 4-7)

A) A Calling with a new Beginning
(verse 4)
There are two ways in which men are called to believe the gospel. There is an outer call and an inward call, an earthly call and a heavenly call. All blood washed believers are partakers of the heavenly calling. The outward calling comes to all those who hear the gospel sound. Every time a church bell rings, or a church door opens, it is a call. The voice of a preacher is a call. Every page of the Bible is a call. However, even though these are calls to mankind from the Almighty, they are calls which deal with the outward side. Only when man opens the door of the inner man. can any of these calls become a new beginning. Left to the outward man, these calls only become sounds that are heard, and sights that are seen, but never become salvation that is received. One body means one church, one bride, one family of God. The one body therefore becomes our spiritual attire or clothing, the one spirit becomes our access, and the one hope becomes our action. We are saved, and instructed to separate from the world, but we never have instructions to separate from the body, spirit, or hope. This new beginning is God's offer to all creeds, colors and citizens. This call is a unusual call, in that it knows no boundaries of religion or race. This call is unconditional call, in that it offers no alternative way. This call is an unctioned call, in that it contains the power of God unto salvation. This call is an unequaled call, in that it's promises and performances cannot be matched. This call is an unlocked call, in that it previously was hidden, but now is made manifest through the revelation of the mystery of Christ and the church.

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