A Living Union with a Warning Rationalization (15 of 24) by Wayne Hinson

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A Living Union with a Warning Rationalization (15 0f 24)
Chapter Four - God's Combing of a Living Union ….The Brotherhood
Series: That Glorious Union....Ephesians
Wayne Hinson
Ephesians 4: 17 thru 31

Intro: In our mission minded church, it has long been a problem that people will be zealous about a far away work in a foreign land, but at the same time, will be careless about the lost people across the street. In these verses, Paul doesn't deal with world matters, but he does deal with matters of the heart. We might gather a better conclusion from these verses, if we would view this as a surgeon's report that includes all the problems of the heart and his diagnosis concerning the surgery to repair it. This is what sees when He looks into the human heart:


A) The Cause Indicated
(verse 17)
Paul is describing a "dream world" frame of mind that eventually will affect the health of the entire spiritual body. This is what God sees when He looks into the human heart. Until we can diagnose the cause, we will never admit that we have a problem, much less accept the cure for it. The surgeon Jesus can repair the problem are, but it is our responsibility to recognize and remove the root cause.

B) The Case Investigated
(verses 18-19)
The surgeon's report is in. The biopsy has been performed and the infected areas have been examined and investigated. There are six cancer causing areas that need to be repaired. They are:

1. Darkness of Understanding
("having the understanding darkened")
This phrase is not referring to the natural understanding, but the spiritual understanding, which is directed at the Godhead. This darkness prevents man from understanding God's holiness and righteousness; Christ's person, work and redemption; and the Holy Ghost's work in grace, scripture and doctrine. Adam had this spiritual enlightenment, but lost it through his desire to be God. When he w ...

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