Faithfulness is the Security of a Loving Union (18 of 24) by Wayne Hinson

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Faithfulness is the Security of a Loving Union (18 of 24)
Chapter Five - God's Counseling of a Loving Union ….. The Bride
Series: That Glorious Union.....Ephesians
Wayne Hinson
Ephesians 5: 9 thru 14

Intro: In this study, we can gather that the apostle is emphasizing fidelity in our union with Christ. Just as fidelity is the stronghold of a marriage, so it is with the bride and the bridegroom of the church. Infidelity is a breech in a loving relationship that many times will leave permanent scars and painful memories. Paul now takes the environment of the city of Ephesus, and uses that to proclaim the foundation of faithfulness. Ephesus was the sensual and sexual impurity capital of the then known world. While it is called the "light of Asia", there was only the darkness of immorality and sin. The crowning attraction of Ephesus was the temple of the goddess Diana, who was the Greek sex goddess. In this temple daily, young priestesses would perform lewd dances and entice men to the grossest and most degrading forms of sexual immorality. This was the smut capital of that day's world. Not much has changed from that 1st century to our present 21st century. With this dark , dirty and disgusting city as a back drop, Paul begins to expound how our loving union with Christ is to be protected from such devastating and damaging lifestyles. In these verse, Paul admonishes us to:

(verses 9-10)

A) Wise thinking will profit you
("for the fruit of the spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth")

1) Goodness
While goodness is manifested on the outside, it is materialized on the inside. The outward sign results in good works, while the inward source is received from our new nature, which comes from God only. Fruit always comes from the root. If there are no roots, there will be no fruit. This is why the Bible calls it the fruit of the spirit. The Holy Ghost, which ...

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