Fullness is the Sweetness of a Loving Union (20 of 24) by Wayne Hinson

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Fullness is the Sweetness of a Loving Union (20 of 24)
Chapter 5 God's Counseling of a Loving Union ….. The Bride
Series: That Glorious Union.....Ephesians
Wayne Hinson
Ephesians 5: 11 thru 20

(verse 18)

A) A Defining Principle
In order to properly exposit verse 18, we need to differentiate between the words "be filled with the spirit" and the occasion of God's delivery of the Holy Spirit to believers in Acts chapter two. We must understand that the book of Acts is a transitional book which records the acts of the Holy Spirit during the process of coming from the dispensation of the Old testament, during which the Holy Spirit would temporarily endue a person for service, and the New Testament dispensation, in which the coming of the Holy Spirit was a permanent indwelling of the believer. Since Acts is a transitional book, we should never use it for a doctrinal foundation. With that said, we also need to distinguish between the wording of this verse in comparison to the working of Acts 2. This verse, if compared to the Greek text,is implying an ongoing experience that places the responsibility upon the believer. Acts 2 records just the opposite. I believe to completely settle any matters of different interpretation, we can simply use two words. One if "indwelling", which is what took place at Pentecost, and now takes place at salvation. The other word is "infilling", which is the correct exposition of verse 18. At salvation, you get the Holy Spirit through indwelling, and in service, the Holy Spirit get you through infilling.

B) A Delivering Process
When we think about a spirit-filled person, we should think about someone who is emulating more of Christ likeness, than they are of themselves. As verse one told us, we are to imitate Christ. Anyone who is manifesting the Holy Ghost filled life is a wonderfully sweet person to be around. Instead of temporary worldly pursuits, their life pu ...

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