Fellowship is the Servicing of a Loving Union (21 of 24) by Wayne Hinson

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Fellowship is the Servicing of a Loving Union (21 of 24)
Chapter 5 God's Counseling of a Loving Union ….. The Bride
Series: That Glorious Union....Ephesians
Wayne Hinson
Ephesians 5: 21 thru 33


A) A Defined Gateway
(verse 21)
God has an established order of operations for everything that He has created. When we rearrange this order, it is then that things get out of order, so to speak. When everything is in proper godly order, there is not a more beautiful sight or sound to behold. Modern men scratch their heads and and wonder why our society is filled with crime and corruption, but the answer lies in the fact that society is out of sync with God's created order. We can be very thankful that the order of nature, such as the sun shining, has not been placed in man's control, because everything that man has been entrusted with, has become out of control. God has an established order for the loving union of the church and for the loving union of the home. A church or home that is set up by God's order and is operating within the boundaries of that order, will be beautiful and bountiful to all it's members and observers. Submission to one another in all our spiritual relationships is the only means by which God gets the glory. This submission is not to be because of our fear, reverence or respect of each other, but out of respect and reverence for God's established order. The opposite of this principle is where traditions and unBiblical rules filter into our personal lives, our homes and our churches. Making heroes out of spiritual leaders is a very dangerous practice, and should never be our standard operating procedure. The apostle Paul is hereby reestablishing God's perfect order as a doctrine that is to be in place and operational. The husband is not to be governed by his wife, and men are not to be under the authority or influence of women in the church. These are the rules of God, no ...

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