In the Home, We see the Soldier's Training (22 of 24) by Wayne Hinson

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In the Home, We see the Soldier's Training (22 of 24)
Chapter 6 "God's Commanding of a Laboring Union ... The Battalion"
Series: That Glorious Union....Ephesians
Wayne Hinson
Ephesians 6: 1 thru 9

Intro: The home life is the basic training center that will set in course how we act and react to life's events and occurrences. When we learn our training lessons well, we will be well equipped and well prepared for more advanced training in spiritual warfare. So we see that this basic training begins with:

(verses 1-3)

A) Notice our starting Command
The obedience that is being implied here, is not merely an outward action. This obedience begins with an inward heart change, which then manifests itself in outward compliance and obedience. When the heart is obedient and submitted, then the battle with the flesh becomes an easier accomplishment. God has set in order certain institutions of constituted authority in our world. When we submit freely to those orders of authority, we will find that our lives will operate in harmony. The reverse of this is why we are seeing such mass confusion and disorder in our current society. Obedience formed by a child in the home will equip that child with respect and reverence for all authorities that will be encountered throughout life.

B) Notice our Sibling Course
("your parents")
The Bible never declares that parents will be perfect, so we must determine that this command is directed toward the position of parenthood, more than the performance of parenthood. If obedience toward parents would be weighed out on a scale that measured their performance, then no parent would ever qualify under the directives of this verse. The command is clear, and the directions are complete. Children are to obey their parents because of the God given and God ordained position that their parents hold. Once again, we see God's established order coming into view, ...

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