In the Heart, we see the Soldier's Tenderness (24 of 24) by Wayne Hinson

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In the Heart, we see the Soldier's Tenderness (24 of 24)
Chapter Six - God's Commanding of a Laboring Union ….. The Battalion
Series: That Glorious Union.....Ephesians
Wayne Hinson
Ephesians 6: 19 thru 24

(verses 19-20)

A) It is a sound that Motivates
Having been a soldier in a combat zone, I know all too well that the morale of the troops is so very important with respect to their fighting ability and success. Low morale is worse that physical sickness, when it comes to facing the enemy. Many today do not even recognize that there is a war going on, but of those that do know this, their morale is of utmost importance. In the Exodus of the children of Israel, they were always motivated to fight, when the trumpet would sound. It reminding them that they were not alone in the battle, but that the Lord God was with them each and every minute. The times that we are living in tends to discourage the troops on a regular basis. This is why we need, regularly, to sound the battle cry and sing the battle hymn and blow the battle trumpet.

B) It is a sound of Moving
One of the greatest motivational forces that has always cheered the troops and gave them hope in the midst of raging battle, is the fact that that day will come when the last "move out" will be sounded, and we will be going home. I can still remember the year that I spent in Vietnam, and the picture of my wife, upon which I would change the number of days that I had left. I did that starting with 365 days and I still remember the day that I wrote (1) day on her picture. There is no describing the feeling in my heart and the joy that engulfed me, when that 747 Jet lifted off he runway in Saigon, Vietnam, and I realized that I was headed home, and was seeing the country for the last time. It has been 41 years since that ...

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