That The Saviour is Beckoning Me (11 of 11) by Wayne Hinson

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That The Saviour is Beckoning Me (11 of 11)
Series: I Can See Clearly Now
Wayne Hinson
Luke 19: 1-10

Intro: The story of Zachaeus is the all too familiar account of a sinner who happens to have a physical impairment or handicap, and because of that, they either are positioned in a place, or they position themselves in a place where they stand out from the crowd. Now we know that God can see a sinner, whether they are isolated in a crowd or not, but there remains something special to God concerning a sinner who makes the effort vocally or physically to see or get the attention of the Lord Jesus. We must make note that regardless of how a sinner comes, the eternally important thing is that they obtain salvation while they are there. This is also the story of how much difference a day can make. One day, Zachaeus was lost, hated and alone. The next day he was saved, and making restitution to those he had wronged. When the Lord Jesus comes to one's house, things change rapidly. As we exposit these verses, we further see:


A) He Had An Inward Desire (sought to see Jesus, who he was)
In examining what the scriptures tell us about Zachaeus, it is important to note that he had no disease or injury that he desired to be healed of. In so many accounts in the New Testament, the reason for the contact was because of the need of physical healing. Also, Zachaeus was a wealthy man, which mens he had no monetary gain to seek. Furthermore, he was a publican, not a pharisee, so there was no religious opposition motivating him. When we consider all these facts, we must come to the conclusion that he had an inward desire to see Jesus and who He was.

B) He Had An Outward Desire (he ran before)
Outward desire is always the result of the root inward desire. Actions are always motivated by inward attitudes. This man was not merely satisfied with remaining behind the crowd and maybe getting a glimpse of Jesus. He r ...

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