I surrender all.....The Dung Gate (6 of 11) by Wayne Hinson

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I surrender all.....The Dung Gate (6 of 11)
Series: Realms of Revival
Wayne Hinson
Nehemiah 3:14; Ephesians 5: 15-21

Intro: We have now arrived at the Dung Gate of the Christian Experience Webster defines "dung" as "anything that is filthy or rotten". This was the gate through which all the rubbish, garbage and waste of Jerusalem was removed. This gate represents the sold out, consecrated, surrendered spirit filled life of the child of God. The hinges on this gate must be well oiled because of the frequent use. Notice in 4:10, Nehemiah testified with these words, "There is much rubbish- not able to build the walls". Notice also, in our main text, that only one name of a worker is mentioned. This attests too the fact that there are few that will enter into the sold out, surrendered life that awaits the child of God who will utilize this gate. In our companion text. we will discover why this is sadly true. Let us examine and exposit the truth of God's Word concerning the Dung Gate which requires that "I surrender all". Notice:


The people who are included in this group are not "the elite", but are the"exceptional", because few will ever come to the point of sacrifice that is required in order to step into the realm of "I surrender all"

A) A Person of Obedience (the willing saint)
(vs 19 "be filled with the spirit")
This is not a suggestion or even a request, it is a command. This is not an option, but is an imperative. This imperative command from the Captain of our Salvation.

1) Embraces a wide range of people
("to be filled")
This statement is an "all inclusive", "all engulfing" statement. It is not only addressed to preachers and teachers, but to every believer. Notice the context in which it is placed. Husband & wives, children & parents, employees & employers. The Bible documents this wide range of recipients:

a) Praying People (upper room at Pentecost)

b) Preaching Pe ...

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