Some Golden Daybreak....The East Gate (10 of 11) by Wayne Hinson

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Some Golden Daybreak....The East Gate (10 of 11)
Series: Realms of Revival
Wayne Hinson
Nehemiah 3: 29 thru 30; I Thess 4: 13 thru 17

Intro: The East Gate is synomous with the coming and departing of the Shekinah Glory of God. Ezekiel 9:23 records the departing of the glory of God and that departure was from the East Gate. Later, in Ezekiel 11: 22-23, Ezekiel again records the coming again of the Glory of God and again, it was at the East Gate. The East Gate of Jerusalem faced the rising sun. For years, graves have been dug with the foot of the grave facing the east. This has been true even of atheists graves. There are two names mentioned in this passage of Nehemiah, whose name's meanings have a significant explanation about the description of this gate. The first name mentioned is Shem-a-iah, whose name means "heard of the Lord". The second name mentioned is Shech-a-niah, meaning "habitation of the Lord". When we have heard the sound, we will be headed for the habitation.

Some Golden Daybreak:

Galations 4:4 "But when the fullness of time was come, God sent forth His son" The word "fullness" was a word associated with the vineyards of that day. It literally means "ripeness". Just as a grape that ripened in the vineyard would fall from the vine, not by any force, but because of it's fullness, so it will be with the grace of God, and the rapture of the saints.

A) The Time of Grace is Operating
While the power of God's grace never needs maturing, the proclamation and operation of grace does. The word "fullness" means that while today is the operation day of grace, that when time ripens or matures, grace will be out operation. When grace ripens and reaches it's fullness, it will fall from the realm of time. Time is not a force that controls grace, but is a frame which God chooses to communicate grace in. A frame may house and contain a portrait, but it does not control the beauty, the benef ...

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