A Saying To Keep Us Keeping On (3 of 4) by Ken Trivette

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A Saying To Keep Us Keeping On (3 of 4)
A Faithful Saying
Ken Trivette
2 Timothy 2:11-13

a) Comfort in the Time of Death
b) Comfort in the Time of Distress
a) A Denial on Earth
b) A Denial in Eternity
a) Promises That Are Doubted
b) Promises That Are Dependable

1. I don’t know of anyone who has never been discouraged. It is easy to become discouraged. Life is not always easy. Even the best of Christians are not immune from sickness and tragedy. The bumps and bruises of life are enough to cause even the strongest Christians to fall into the pit of despair.

2. To add to the normal trials of life, there are many wet blankets out there to cause one to be discouraged. I think of two pastor’s who were talking with one another. One asked, “Do you have any committees in your Church?” The other replied, “Committees? I’ve got lots of committees. I have standing committees, sitting committees and committees lying down. I even have a bucket committee.” “What’s a bucket committee” asked his pastor friend asked. He replied, “Well, whenever you think of or try anything good and great and grand and glorious, there is a self-appointed bucket committee. They come and pour cold water on everything.” I have had a few bucket committees myself through the years.

3. There is a legend that Satan decided to get rid of a number of his tools, so he arranged an auction. There were envy, deceit, malice, sensuality, enmity, thoughtlessness, and many other tools which Satan had used successfully, all priced very low. However, there was one piece marked very high. It was labeled Discouragement. "Why do you want so much for this tool?" asked one bidder. "This tool," replied the old tempter, "has always been my most useful one. You can see it has had more wear than the rest. It is used as a wedge to get into a man's mind when all other means fail. Practically every human being has had this tool ...

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