The Key To Spiritual Power by Stan Coffey

The Key To Spiritual Power
Dr. Stan Coffey
Mark 9:14-29



Thomas Aquinas, the Roman Catholic scholar who lived between 1225
and 1274 was a brilliant thinker who left an indelible imprint on the
fabric of his time. On one occasion he was visiting the Vatican, and
as he and the Pope were visiting the Pope gestured to the grandeur

and richness surrounding them and he said, "Behold Master Thomas,
the church can no longer say as St. Peter, ‘Silver an gold have I none!'"
Aquinas was quick to answer, "Alas, neither can we say what follows,

‘but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth
rise up and walk.'" Aquinas understood a truth that many people in the
modern church never grasp. The real measure of success for a church

or a ministry isnot how fine its buildings are; how large its offerings are, or
even how great its crowds are. The real measure of success for a church or
a ministry is in whether or not it operates in the power of God. We are

living in a day of ministerial success. Every church wants to be the
largest, the richest, the most influential, and the most well known on
the face of the earth. Success these days is measured in millions of dollars,

tens of thousands of attendees and in worldwide fame and recognition.
The truth is God has a very different standard for determining what
constitutes a successful ministry. In our text today the Lord Jesus
teaches us about the most important ingredient of a successful ministry.

The disciples lacked that ingredient and they failed miserably. We are
told in verse eighteen of this text that the disciples of Jesus failed in
their attempt to cast out a demon from a little boy. The boy's father

summed up their efforts by saying, "...and they could not." He was

right. He had come to these men because they ...

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