Did You Ever Stop and Think Who's Watching When You Sin? (11 of 13) by Jerry Branch

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Did You Ever Stop and Think Who's Watching When You Sin? (11 of 13)
Wisdom/Proverbs Series
Gerald D. Branch
Proverbs 7:1-27
August 16, 2009

It would be a lot easier for me to talk to you this morning about
the ‘surface' message of this chapter and rant for a while on adultery.

But instead of us just looking at chapter 7 just from
the standpoint of sexual infidelity, which none of us has ever or is guilty of...isn't that correct???

instead of that, we're going to go much deeper
and see something else...because this chapter also is a strong reminder
that there are two LIFE-paths all of us can travel...not both...
no fence straddling...

we can either travel the path of sin and death,

or we can travel the path of righteousness and Life by following Jesus.


First, what do we see? We see the instruction to really love wisdom...just like a sister...then, we see a picture of the Teacher looking out his window and seeing something...

he sees some young men going down the street,

it's around dusk, or it's starting to get dark,

and he notes these are ‘simple ones', and one in particular, wanders close to the house of the adulteress.

A couple of things we can learn from this...

You see, Solomon is reminding us that the kind of judgment
we operate our lives out of is going to have far reaching effects...

He does this by talking about people who lack good judgment after
they have been instructed otherwise...as the young man illustrates.

So these young men also represent men
who have been taught about God...
they were probably young men
who had been raised up in good Jewish homes...
it would also be appropriate to say that in today's society,
these would be young men who have heard the Bible taught
both in church and in the home.

But Solomon says that in the case of one of these young men,
in what he is doing, he is showing he is ‘thoughtless'...
in other words, he is not ...

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