David: Joyful Worship (5 of 12) by Stan Coffey

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David: Joyful Worship (5 of 12)
Series: Bible Giants
Stan Coffey
2 Samuel 6



We continue in our series of preaching from every book in the Bible that we call, ''The Original Route 66.'' We are in a sub-series from the books of history called, ''Bible Giants.'' Today we look once again David, the man after God's own heart. Surely David stands out as a ''Bible Giant.'' He was a shepherd, then he was a singer, then he was a soldier then he was a sovereign. David now is the king. And David knows that as king and head of the nation of Israel he needs God's power and he needs God's presence. Now in the Old Testament God's presence was represented by a little piece of furniture called the ''Ark of the Covenant.'' It was not a large piece of furniture, it was rather small, about four feet long, about three feet wide and three feet high. It had two figures of the Cherubim or angels on the lid and the lid was made of solid gold. And that piece of furniture was where the shekinah glory of God hovered-right over that piece of furniture in between the cherubim which were situated on either end. That ark therefore represented Jesus in the Old Testament. The Ark Of The Covenant represented the glory of God and was symbolic of the Lord Jesus Christ.

There were three things of importance on the inside of that chest: Aaron's rod that budded, that tells us that Christ is our rule; A golden pot of the manna that came down in the wilderness that tells us that Christ is our resource; and then in that ark were the ten commandments that God had given to Moses that tells us that Christ is our righteousness..

Then on top of that solid slab of gold called the mercy seat was the place where the High Priest would take the blood of atonement and he would sprinkle it on the mercy seat and that would make an atonement for the sins of the people. And when aton ...

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