The Sin That No One Will Admit by Rex Yancey

The Sin That No One Will Admit
Rex Yancey

Legend tells of a Greek athlete who wanted to win at the public games. Although he was competitive, he lost. In honor of the winner a statue was created and placed in the center of the local town. The athlete who lost was outraged. Each night he made his way to the statue to chisel away at its base. Finally, he accomplished his purpose and the statue fell. The only problem was that it fell on him, and he was killed instantly. Envy had done its detestable work.
There is a difference between envy and jealousy. Envy arises when someone else has what we want. They may have power, personality, and prestige that we do not have. The envious hopes the envied will be hurt or disgraced. Gary Collins wrote that envy causes one to think that someone's else's fortunes are his misfortunes, their profit, his loss, their blessing, his bane, their health, his illness, their promotion, his demotion, and their success, his failure.
A jealous person is one who fears that his possessions or position will be taken by another. The envious person lacks what he wants, and is upset because another has it. The jealous person has what he wants and does not want to lose what he possesses.
Cain was envious of Abel and murdered him. Joseph's brothers were envious of him and sold him into slavery. Saul was envious of David and constantly sought to kill him. The Pharisees were envious of Jesus and eventually saw Him die. (Genesis 4:1-8, Genesis 37, 1 Samuel 18:6-15, and Matthew 27:15-18 respectively).
This is not an exhaustive list. The Bible showed its characters warts and all.
Envy keeps one from relating to others properly. It is difficult to be friends with one who envies what you have. They fail to consider the price you paid to get what you got. They just look at one's possessions and feel they have been treated unfairly because they don't have as much.
This is one ...

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