The Truth about Love (1 of 14) by Fred Lowery

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The Truth about Love (1 of 14)
Series: Love Loud
Dr. Fred Lowery
February 1, 2009
Luke 10:27; 1 Peter 4:8; John 13:34-35; 1 John 4:7-8; 1 John 4:15-16; John 15:9-10; Matthew 22:37-38; 1 John 4:7; Romans 5:8; Matthew 22:39-40; 1John 4:20-21; Matthew 22:39; Matthew 5:43-44; Ephesians 5:2

I love that song and we're about loving loud and in Bossier for Bossier. And you know I really should thank, I really should let my wife preach today. Because I'm excited about what we're going to go through as a church this year. I'm excited about loving loud, making a difference, getting out of our seats and into the streets. And I'm pumped about but I don't have Leigh's personality so you have to trust me on this. So just look at your neighbor and say Fred's pumped. Just look at them because they won't know it unless we just tell them. Alright. Because I am excited about what God is doing in my heart and my life and I hope you see that in what I want to see God do in the life of our church. So our theme for this year you know by now is love loud. And if you want to know what loud is imagine a B52 going over your head except it's only about 50 feet above you. That's loud. Well that's how loud our love ought to be and can be and it's that kind of love that will make a difference. Our goal is to love God more than we ever have and to love people more than we ever have. And are you surprised that the two are related. In fact they are inseparably connected. The more we love God the more we love people. The higher our temperature of our love for God arises the higher our temperature for the love of people rises. And by the way God didn't pick and choose He loves them all. And that has to be true with us also. Is loving people that important? Jesus was asked in the book of Luke a values question. Out of all the commandments which is the most important. Out of all the things you ask us to do Jesus what is the most important. What is the greatest commandment? Listen to what Jesus said and He responded without hesitation. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind and love your neighbor as yourself. Think of all the commands in the Bible. And Jesus narrows it down to two commands. Love God with your heart, mind and soul. Love your neighbor as yourself. And what He is saying by doing this, this way that love is the greatest value. If you want to know what God values most its love? It is the greatest thing that we can do. Now I think that because loving people is so hard. Have you noticed that? Loving some people is difficult. And there are irregular people out there, even a few jerks and jerkettes. But we are to love all of them and that's hard at times. In fact we can't do that on our own. And that may be why fifty five times in the New Testament we're commanded to love. You see if I had prefaced that by saying if God says something one time it is important ...

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