Mary Magdalene - Last at the Cross and First at the Tomb (18 of 18) by Ken Trivette

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Mary Magdelene - Last at the Cross and First at the Tomb (18 of 18)
Series: Getting Acquainted with People of the New Testament
Ken Trivette
Luke 8:2


1. Her Grateful Heart

a) A Changed Life
b) A Committed Life

2. Her Grieving Heart

a) Her Doubtless Love
b) Her Endless Loyalty

3. Her Gladdened Heart

a) The Absence of Her Lord
b) The Appearance of Her Lord

Perhaps there is no New Testament personality that has been any more misrepresented than ''Mary called Magdalene.'' She has often been identified as the sinful woman who knelt and kissed the feet of Jesus in Luke 7:36-50. This association has led to the belief that in her past she was a prostitute. However, the first appearance of Mary in Luke 8:2 does not associate her with the previous chapter. Luke 8 is an entirely new section in the Gospel of Luke. Therefore, it would seem that Luke is speaking of two separate individuals.

There have been others who have represented her as paranoiac (due to the infirmity mentioned in Luke 8:2) and she was a victim of tremors and involuntary hallucinations. This is nothing more than a Satanic and liberal attempt to discredit her because she was the first that saw the risen Christ. Let me say that she wasn't hallucinating. She actually saw Christ!

Perhaps the greatest misrepresentation is one that has become more popular over recent years and it is the belief that she was intimately involved with the Lord Jesus and that they actually had children. The popular movie entitled, ''The Da Vinci Code'' was built around this belief. In 1970, William E. Phipps published ''Was Jesus Married? The Distortion of Sexuality in the Christian Tradition.'' He argued in the book that the silence about the marital status of Jesus in the Bible indicates that Jesus was in fact married. As far as I am concerned, this not only misrepresents Mary called Magdalene, but is nothing but blasphemy. It is a liberal attempt to discredit the deity of the Lord Jesus. ...

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