How to Have a Happy Valentine's Day by Stan Coffey

How to Have a Happy Valentine’s Day
Stan Coffey
I Corinthians 13:4-6



One of the greatest opportunities we have to show love for our
mates, special friends, and loved ones in our families in on Valentine’s
Day. It may just be a date on the calendar, but it can be made a very special occasion if we follow the teachings of God’s word about what real love really is.

Someone has said, ‘‘a bell is not a bell ‘till you ring it, a song is not a song until you sing it,’’ and ‘‘love is not love until you say it.’’ Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to express our love in many special ways.

If we’re to do that we must know what the true meaning of love is. It is so easy to throw that word ‘‘love’’ around carelessly. We ‘‘love’’ ice cream, especially Blue Bell. We ‘‘loved that movie.’’ We ‘‘love’’ that new car.

But if we are to have a happy Valentine’s Day we need to apply the teaching of God’s word relating to love and the expression of love.

The first three verses of the love chapter emphasizes the priority of love in the Christian life. And there are five things that Paul says: ‘‘without love all I say is ineffective; without love all I know is incomplete; without love all I believe is insignificant; without love all I give is insufficient; without love all I accomplish is inadequate. And now in the next three verses Paul speaks of love in action.

The funny thing about love is you don’t find many real good, strong definitions of love and I hope that we can define what God’s love is and the kind of love the bible is talking about so that we can identify it, because it is so very important for us to understand it. You can go into a bookstore and there are all kinds of novels on love; all kinds of articles in magazines on love; you look on the CD rack and you see all kinds of albums about love, all kinds of songs that talk about love, all kinds of love. I love America, I lov ...

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