Sin Is No Joking Matter (9 of 17) by Ken Trivette

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Sin Is No Joking Matter (9 of 17)
Series: Samson: A Life of Strength and Weakness
Ken Trivette
Judges 14:10-14



a) The Will of God Is Overlooked
b) The Will of God Is Overruled


a) The Setting of the Feast
b) The Surroundings of the Feast


a) The Content of the Riddle
b) The Choice of the Riddle

1. John Hunter says this of Samson: ''Samson is one of the great puzzles in the Bible. In one sense, no one was ever so richly endowed with potential for glorious blessing and victory. Yet at the end he was one of the greatest failures in history.''

2. Over the course of the past few weeks we have been seeing more and more why this man, who began with so much promise and potential, was, in the words of Hunter, ''one of the greatest failures in history.'' He was a man of great physical strength, yet was weak morally and spiritually. He could conquer others, but he could not conquer himself. He was sent to deliver his people from the Philistines, but as we will ultimately see, he delivered himself into the hands of his enemy.

3. Cicero, the noted and revered Roman philosopher and politician, was not a Christian, but he did understand an important truth about sin. He said: ''It is the nature of every man to err, but only the fool perseveres in error.'' Samson's great tragedy is not that he failed, but that he continued and persevered in his failure.

4. Failure is a common trait among us all. There is not one of us who can cast a stone for there is not a single one of us that is without sin. We all fail and come short of the glory of God on a daily basis. As long as we are in this body of flesh, failure will be a part of life for it is our nature. To commit sin is one thing, but to continue and remain in sin is an entirely different story.

5. In the scripture before us we see an unchanged and unrepentant Samson. We have seen how he has b ...

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