Born to Serve the Lord (2 of 17) by Ken Trivette

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Born to Serve the Lord (2 of 17)
Series: Samson: A Life of Strength and Weakness
Ken Trivette
Judges 13:1-7

a) The Littleness of the Place
b) The Barrenness of the Person
c) The Certainness of the Promise
a) A Life of Separation
b) A Life of Consecration
a) An Important Assignment
b) An Incomplete Assignment

1. I think of the old song entitled, "I Was Born to Serve the Lord." The first stanza says:
From the dust of the Earth
God created man
His breath made man a living soul
And for God so loved the world
He gave his only Son
And that is why I love Him so

2. The second stanza says:
My hand were made to help my neighbor
My eyes were made to read God's Word
My feet were made to walk in His footsteps
My body is the temple of the Lord.

3. Then the chorus says:
I was made in His likeness
Created in His image
I was born to serve the Lord
And I can't deny Him
I'll always walk beside Him
I was born to serve the Lord

4. The truth of that song is the truth I want to set before you today. We were born to serve the Lord. By the wonderful work of creation we were made by God. I think of the first man, Adam, and how he was created by God for God. Just as the first man, Adam, was created physically to serve God, we are "fearfully and wonderfully made" (Psalm 139:14) to serve the Lord. Furthermore, by the glorious work of salvation we have been born-again to serve God. We have been born spiritually, bringing us into a relationship with God, whereby we can serve God.

5. The truth is, until a man is saved, he cannot serve God. Until one has been born-again, he cannot fulfill the great purpose for which one is born. We were born to serve God, but only when we are born-again we are able to serve God. The spiritual birth enables one to fulfill the great purpose of their physical birth.

6. As we continue looking at the life of Samson we are reminded that we were born to serve the Lord. In our last study we considered the times in which Samson lived. They are succinctly described in Judges 13:1, "And the children of Israel did evil again in the sight of the LORD; and the LORD delivered them into the hand of the Philistines forty years." It was, as we saw, the worst of times. The people of God had accepted false gods and had abandoned the true God. Through the Philistines, the chastening hand of God was upon them, and had been for forty years.

7. As we will see today, Samson was born to call the people back to God, and deliver them from the Philistines. Samson was born to serve the Lord. From the death of Joshua to when Saul became the first king of Israel, God raised up agents of His divine will that were known as Judges, hence the name, the Book of Judges. These were largely men that held a commission directly from God and were His agents to instruct the people ...

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