How to Have a Strong Faith (8 of 8) by Ken Trivette

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How to Have a Strong Faith (8 of 8)
Series: An Instruction Manual for the Christian Life
Ken Trivette
Romans 4:18-21



a) A Sickly Degree of Faith
b) A Strong Degree of Faith


a) How He Looked at the Problem
b) How He Leaned on the Promise


a) Ask God to Increase Your Faith
b) Allow God to Increase Your Faith

In the book, ''Percy Ray: A Ray for God,'' the story is of told of a revival that broke out in Selma, Tennessee early in Percy Ray's ministry. A revival meeting was held once a year. When the revival was held, the horses would be turned out the field, farmers left their field, and everyone went to revival meeting. That particular year a terrible drought had hit the area. The corn was all twisted, the cotton was wilted, the creeks and wells had gone dry. Everybody was bothered about the drought. There had not been a cloud in the sky for thirty days. They couldn't get their mind on anything but how dry it was.

There was an old deacon who had great long whiskers. He stroked those whiskers and said, ''Brother Preacher, we need to come in the morning and pray for rain. Everybody's mind is on the drought and not on revival. We are not gonna have revival if we don't get some rain. The animals are dying. The crops are dying. We just can't have a revival meeting. So let's all come in the morning and pray.''

They set the next morning to meet and pray. When the old deacon came to pray, he brought his hip boots and a raincoat with him. As Percy called them, the spit and whittle gang met at the country store every day. They saw the old man coming down the street. They said, ''Looky yonder, grandpa is so worried about the drought he's done lost his mind. He's going down the street with his hip boats on carrying an umbrella and there is not a cloud in the sky. He has been acting peculiar lately. Now he's gone crazy over the drought.''

A li ...

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