When Trouble Comes by Johnny Hunt

When Trouble Comes
Johnny Hunt
Psalm 119:153-160
November 2, 2008

INTRODUCTION: All through this Psalm the writer has experienced trouble. It is a constant reminder that the Christian life is a land of hills and valleys and we cannot have mountaintops without also having valleys. As the writer nears the end of the Psalm, he becomes more urgent, the Hebrew alphabet was about to end, but his trials would continue, and he needed the help of the Lord.

There is a word that is used three times here in the 20th letter of the Hebrew alphabet and a total of 16 times in Psalm 119. Nine of those times the psalmist uses the word in petitioning the Lord. The KJV uses the word "quicken." The Psalmist is asking for spiritual renewal and spiritual fervor. When we look at its use all 16 times, we conclude that the psalmist is primarily concerned about his spiritual attunement to the Lord (he is not intune with the Lord). His heart's desire is for God to use His word to do whatever is necessary to infuse and maintain vibrancy in his relationship with the Lord.

Therefore, the key word in this passage is "revive me" (154, 156, 159). This means to give me life, lift me up and keep me going. The prayer is for revival. The Psalmist grieves for those who transgress because they don't observe the word; in contrast, he is sustained by placing his confidence in that which is both true and everlasting.



"for I do not forget Your law" – it is the law of God that assures him God is his deliverer.

"revive me according to Your word" – speaks of my surrender to His revealed word.

"Consider my affliction and deliver me" – in his crisis he needs God to step in and "see to" his need. Abraham used this word when he answered his son's question in Gen 22:8. "The Lord will see to it,"
"And Abraham said, 'My son, God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering; so they went bot ...

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