One Life in Three Stages by Rex Yancey

One Life in Three Stages
Rex Yancey
Mark 10:17-22; Luke 12:16-20; Luke 16:19-31

I have read to you about three rich men. What if they were one and the same person in three stages of his career? If he was not the same person, it was the same principle. From the rich young ruler to a hard nosed business man to a dead and damned man. What a provocative thought. With that thought in mind, I want us to consider a life in three stages.


I have never seen as many burdened men as today. I know men who have little of this world’s goods but carry a big burden. I know men who have much of the world’s goods and carry a big burden. That leads me to believe that contentment is not an outside job.

Here is a man who has everything the world suggests for happiness and yet he lacks something. He is eager, humble, courageous, and discerning. He has some good points. However, there is an ache in his soul. He is experiencing emptiness in his life. There is a hole in his soul.

1. He had affluence.

Matthew and Mark suggest that he had “great possessions.” Luke says “he was very rich.”

I chaperoned a youth trip once when we went to Orlando, Florida for a conference sponsored by Group Magazine. Ken Davis was the entertainer for the conference. He was a Christian comedian.

He told about being invited to speak to a business man’s convention in Orlando a few years earlier. He explained that he was a Christian entertainer. The president of the group told him that would be okay.

Ken flew to Orlando from California and brought his wife and three year old daughter with him. When he got there the “Happy Hour” was going on. Everyone was laughing and drinking and having a big time.

Finally the Master of Ceremonies introduced Ken and he got up to speak. However, he did not know that his three year old daughter was walking right behind him saying loudly, “Daddy, I want to sing.” Ken was embarrassed and ...

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