The Earth Is Full of His Mercy by Johnny Hunt

The Earth Is Full of His Mercy
Johnny Hunt
Psalm 119:57-64
June 22, 2008

INTRODUCTION: The Psalmist is very reflective in each of these 22 sections, containing 8 verses each. At a certain point in his life, he came to the realization that he was not walking according to God's Word. The language of the text gives his proper response as he makes an "about face" by resolving to keep God's Word and pled with his whole heart for God's mercy. He reminds each of us how sin wraps its enslaving cords around us and robs us of all our Christ-honoring possessions.

This passage magnifies a person who has come to a stark realization that their life has wandered from the place of obedience and they resolve to come home to where God would once again be the center of their life.



The Lord is the Psalmist's portion. Originally, portion referred to that part of the Promised Land that was given to each tribe upon entering the land of promise. The Levites (priests) received no land because, as priests, God Himself was to be their portion.

Deuteronomy 10:9, "Therefore Levi has no portion nor inheritance with his brethren; the LORD is his inheritance, just as the LORD your God promised him."

In Numbers 18:20, 24, the Bible teaches that the children of Israel then received the land as an inheritance and were to tithe, and the tithe went to the Levites. Then the Levites tithed off of their tithe.

Portion refers to something that one lays claim to. The Psalmist is thrilled to call the Lord his own. To be able to lay claim to the Creator of the universe as one's own God, that is something! This meant that the Levites (priests) were to look directly to God for present sustenance and future security.


"and I shall keep it to the end" He will guard and be faithful to what God has said. This serves as a settled commitment; determined commitment.

In 57a, we have a present tense ver ...

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