Thank God for Good Friday by Johnny Hunt

Thank God for Good Friday
Johnny Hunt
Colossians 3:6-7

INTRODUCTION: The cross was so necessary on our part in order for there to be any help or hope for anyone that has ever sinned. The resurrection is an event that places the Lord Jesus Christ in authority to vindicate (justify) His claims.

Here, in 2008, we are living in days of uncertainty, to say the least. The housing and real estate industry has seen challenging times. Seems like everyone has an opinion on our future, however, the Bible speaks on a matter far more important than the economy. As we move into a time of a presidential election, it seems to always be said that Americans vote with their pocketbooks. With that being said, the Bible speaks of a time in the future where riches will no longer be the determining factor.

Proverbs 11:4, ''Riches do not profit in the day of wrath,
but righteousness delivers from death.''

Proverbs 10:2, ''Treasures of wickedness profit nothing,
but righteousness delivers from death.''



(ORGE) - speaks of the wrath of God; as the divine reaction toward evil; it is thought of not so much as an emotion as in terms of the outcome of angry frame of mind ( judgment). It is a legitimate feeling on the part of the judge. It speaks of future judgment.
1. What Wrath Is Not.

What ''wrath'' is not; (THUMOS) - it indicates a more agitated condition of the feelings, an outburst of wrath from inward indignation.

ORGE - suggests a more settled or abiding condition of mind; it is less sudden in its rise, but more lasting in its nature. THUMOS expresses more the inward feeling, ORGE the more active emotion.

2. Why Wrath Is Coming.

Romans 2:5, ''But in accordance with your hardness and your impenitent heart you are treasuring up for yourself wrath in the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God''

''impenitent'' - negates repentance; without change of mind. Word is us ...

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