David: Ending Well by--Living Purposefully by John Barnett

David: Ending Well by--Living Purposefully
John Barnett
Psalm 71

Finally We Find David's Testimony Of God's Closeness During His Old Age or His Waning Years. David faces the loneliness of old age. David writes Psalm 71 and 116--how to overcome the feelings of loneliness when we are old, weak, and leave behind our health, comfort, friends, family, and security. Psalm 70 is the intro to Psalm 71 in the Hebrew Bible and Psalm 70 is the last five verses of Psalm 40.

So we conclude that Psalm 71 is David's prayer and testimony of how to be a godly man to the end of life.

Psalm 15 seems to be the outline Jesus used for the Sermon on the Mount. That sermon follows quite closely the flow of this Psalm. One special note on the Psalms is the usage of the Psalms in the daily temple worship from Solomon's time through the time of Christ. Here are the Psalms that were sung each day at the temple: Sunday--Psalm 24. Monday--Psalm 48. Tuesday--Psalm 82. Wednesday--Psalm 94. Thursday--Psalm 81. Friday--Psalm 93. Saturday--the Sabbath Psalm 92.


We don't know how long before our Master returns. Jesus said we must do His work until He comes. The best way to do that is to start living right now the way we want to have Him find us at the end when He comes (rapture) or calls (death). I call this some specific Plans for Growing Old in Godliness. These can all be found in Psalm 71. Let's conclude there.

1. I will LEARN to flee to God rather than drown in my troubles. v. 1
2. I will LEARN to trusts God's Word over my fears. v. 3
3. I will LEARN to keep reminding myself of God's faithfulness all during my life to this moment. v. 5, 17
4. I will LEARN to use my mouth so much for praise, no room will be left to complain. v. 8, 14b, 24
5. I will LEARN to never give up even if I end up all alone, sick or even forgotten by everyone in the world except God. v. 14
6. I will LEARN to never stop looking for people to sh ...

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