David: Sleeping in the Shadow of Danger - Part 2 (2 of 2) by John Barnett

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David: Sleeping in the Shadow of Danger - Part 2 (2 of 2)
John Barnett
Psalm 3


• David suffers the intense loneliness of family disappointments--and from these times he grows in his relationship with the Lord. His testimony from his early years is captured in Psalms 19 and 23. In First Samuel 16 David is the shepherd boy writing Psalms 19 and 23. David was overlooked, ignored and even disliked by his family in First Samuel 16-18. He is left out of family gatherings, unrecognized for great achievements and basically left alone much of the time to do his "job" with the family's flock of sheep. David found God was with him while alone as a young shepherd boy writing Psalms 19 and 23. He had many a lonely night in the fields, the woods and the hill sides of Judea. Instead of hating and fleeing those lonely times, he turned them into meditations upon the faithfulness of God.
1. Psalm 19 has three basic lessons: v. 1-6 explains that David meditated upon the character of God when he was alone; v. 7-11 explains that David listened to the Word of God when he was alone; v. 12-14 explains that David feared the disapproval God (heeded His Word) when he was alone.
2. Psalm 23 is the testimony of what you can learn about God in times of loneliness. Listen to David's testimony of what he experienced, what he clung to from his long dark nights, and long lonely days. As you listen, ask the Lord to give you the same desire, then echo each of David's affirmations and make them your own testimony. Confess these loneliness lessons and find them true!

• David faces and wins an immense spiritual confrontation. Goliath is not just an enemy warrior--he is defying God.
1. In First Samuel 17:4, 57-58 David is the giant killer and writes Psalm 8. We believe this because in the most ancient Jewish Targums (paraphrases of the Hebrew Old Testament into Aramaic from the time of Ezra onward)--specifically point this 8th ...

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