David: How to Respond When Attacked, Slandered and Painfully Abused (35 of 49) by John Barnett

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David: How to Respond When Attacked, Slandered and Painfully Abused (35 of 49)
Series: Discovering David's Spiritual Secret
John Barnett
II Samuel 16:1-14

One of the oldest and meanest tricks in the book is to hit someone when they're down. Just sneak up on them when they are distracted by something else and hit them with a knockout blow.

That is one of Satan's tactics.


He used it on Joseph after his being sold into slavery by his brothers, before he could get over that--Potiphar's wife lands him in prison. But by God's grace, it didn't work, and Joseph keeps following the Lord!

For Job is was one wave after another of bad news, each wave higher, deeper and more devastating--and then his wife turns on him. But by God's grace, it didn't work, and Job keeps following the Lord!

We can trace the same pattern in Abraham's life, Elijah's life, Daniel's life, and many other Old Testament heroes.

In our lives it may be when we are in the midst of recovering from being sick and we lose our job. Or just when we finally find a job our wife can't go on and wants to move back to her family. Or just after we weather the loss of a parent through death we get a report that one of our children is secretly leading an alternate lifestyle.

It is sudden, it is unexpected--and it is always at our weakest moments when it is the worst time possible.

As we open to 2 Samuel 15:14 we are watching David while he is down. It is the saddest day of his life. And that day while he is at the bottom, when he is really down and driven out of town--he gets an unexpected hit. He is attacked, slandered, and painfully abused from a totally unexpected person. In that moment--we see the real David.

What you and I are at our most desperate moments is a glimpse into what we really are. Where we decide to turn, when we face what we never wanted, never dreamed of happening to us--that is when what is really on the inside comes out.

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