Saved, Sure, and Secure by Ken Trivette

Saved, Sure, and Secure
Ken Trivette
John 10:27-29

a) They Hear His Voice
b) They Heed His Voice
a) A Gift of God
b) A Guarantee of God
a) The Place of Our Keeping
b) The Power of Our Keeper

1. It is the spiritual birthright of every Christian to know they are saved. As Christians we do not have to wonder or hope we are saved. Every Christian can sing with Fanny Crosby:

Blessed Assurance Jesus is mine
Oh what a foretaste of glory divine

2. I remember hearing a fellow testify: "I am so saved that I could swing out over hell on a rotten grapevine singing victory in Jesus!" You could call that being sure that you are saved. Every Christian can be that sure about their salvation.

3. We have been thinking about the greatness of our salvation. I want to share with you one more reason why our salvation is a "so great salvation," and that is our salvation is an eternal salvation. One of the things that make our salvation so great is the great truth of the eternal security of the believer.

4. I remember several years ago I preached on eternal security. There was a fellow that had been visiting our Church for a few weeks. When he came out that Sunday morning I knew when he walked up he was upset. Upset would be a mild way of saying it. He was fuming. Smoke was coming out his ears. His eyes were a flame of fire. He was extremely upset that I had preached that a Christian was eternally secure.

5. May I say that the doctrine of eternal security should not make you mad. It ought to make you glad. It ought to make you shout "glory" that you can't lose your salvation and that once you are saved you are eternally saved. Someone says, "Oh, that's just what you Baptist believe. No, it is not just what the Baptists believe; it is what the Bible says.

6. I read about this fellow who was shaving one morning and thought to himself, "I'm tired of shaving. ...

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