What Kind of Church Member Are You? (10 of 10) by Ken Trivette

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What Kind of Church Member Are You? (10 of 10)
Series: Great Church Members Make Great Churches
Ken Trivette
I Timothy 3:15-16

a) A Spiritually Healthy Church
b) A Spiritually Holy Church
a) Our Identification with God
b) Our Consecration to God
a) The Work of Christ for Us
b) The Worth of Christ to Us

1. Let me share with you a powerful quote by A.W. Tozer: "God fully expects the Church of Jesus Christ to prove itself a miraculous group in the very midst of a hostile world. Christians of necessity must be in contact with the world but in being spirit ought to be separated from the world, and as such, we should be the most amazing people in the world."

2. I find his words that Christians should be the most amazing people in the world fascinating. As Christians, an amazing thing has happened to us. We have experience a new birth that made us a new creature in Christ Jesus. We have experienced the amazing grace of God. This amazing encounter with God should result in nothing less than we being amazing people.

3. However, I don't think I am being unfair or harsh when I say that for the most part, Christians are anything but amazing people. This is reflected in our Churches. Amazing Church members produce amazing Churches. When we live a Christian life that less than amazing; our Churches are reflect that condition. As I have said repeatedly over the past ten weeks, our Church is merely a reflection of its members. The Church is not a building, but a body. The building is nothing more than facility in which the Church assembles. You and I, the members, are the Church. The Church is not a place. It is people.

4. For the past nine weeks I have shared with what makes a great Church member. I want to conclude our series by asking you the question, WHAT KIND OF CHURCH MEMBER ARE YOU? Are you the kind of Church member I have been talking about? If every Church member were ...

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