Great Church Members Are Thirsty Church Members (8 of 10) by Ken Trivette

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Great Church Members Are Thirsty Church Members (8 of 10)
Series: Great Church Members Make Great Churches
Ken Trivette
Isaiah 44:3-4

a) Spiritual Deprivation
b) Spiritual Desolation
a) A Divine Visitation
b) A Divine Manifestation
a) Water Flows Freely
b) Grass Grows Fully

1. Someone has said, "The tragedy of man is that he dies inside while he is still alive." There are many who are walking dead men. Oh, they are alive physically, but they are dead when it comes to being more than what they are, doing more than what they are doing, and going where they have never gone.

2. The death knell of any Church or Christian is apathy and complacency. Someone gave this definition of complacency: "Complacency is a blight that saps energy, dulls attitudes, and causes a drain on the brain. The first symptom is satisfaction with things as they are. The second is a rejection of things as they might be. ‘Good enough' becomes today's watchword and tomorrow's standard. Complacency makes people fear the unknown, mistrust the untried, and abhor the new."

3. The great pianist, Paderewski, achieved tremendous popularity around the world for his playing. Yet, he was never satisfied with his playing. He said, "There have been a few moments when I have known complete satisfaction, but only a few. I have rarely been free from the disturbing realization they my playing might have been better." The world considered Paderewski's playing near perfection, but he remained unsatisfied and constantly was trying to improve.

4. When it comes to Churches and Church members, one essential to be a great Church and a great Church member that is often missing is a thirst for greater things. A Church or Christian that is content with things as they are, will never be a great Church or a great Church member. A great Church member is one who is thirsty to see God do more. ...

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