Great Church Members are Worshipping Church Members (2 of 10) by Ken Trivette

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Great Church Members are Worshipping Church Members (2 of 10)
Series: Great Church Members Make Great Churches
Ken Trivette
John 4:23


a) God Demands Our Worship
b) God Deserves Our Worship
c) God Desires Our Worship

a) The Heart is Focused on God
b) The Heart is Full of God

a) The Purifying Power of Worship
b) The Edifying Power of Worship
c) The Sanctifying Power of Worship

1. There is no official directory for all the congregations and Churches in the United States, but the Hartford Institute estimates that there are 335,000 religious congregations in the U.S. Of those Churches, there are 1,210 Protestant Churches that are classified as mega-churches. A mega-church is defined as a Church having a weekly attendance of 2,000 people or more. The average mega-church has an attendance of 3,585. However, the average size of a congregation in the U.S. is seventy-five.1

2. While Churches vary in quantity, they equally vary in quality. The quantity of a Church often depends on its ministries. Such is the case of many of the mega-churches. They draw people primarily because of what they offer them. Listen to this description of the mega-Church I read in an article this week: "The campus of a full-blown megachurch might include a bank, pharmacy, its own Wi-Fi network, tennis courts, rock-climbing walls, martial-arts classes, restaurants, and gourmet coffee bars. A person might head to their megachurch for AA meetings, job training, a singles group, or classes in auto repair. Some megachurches even house McDonald's franchises."2

3. Whereas the quantity of a Church often depends on its ministries, the quality of a Church always depends on its members. Complacent Church members make complacent Churches. Indifferent Church members make indifferent Churches. Cold Church members make cold churches. Lifeless Church members make lifeless Churches. Spiritually dead Chu ...

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