The Disciplines and Devotion of the Church's Leadership by Johnny Hunt

The Disciplines and Devotion of the Church's Leadership
Johnny Hunt
1 Timothy 3:1-13

INTRODUCTION: In this passage we have the biblical requirements of both the Pastor and the Deacon. I am of the person conviction that with the proper leadership we build powerful laity. The Bible, in Titus 1:7, refers to Pastors as ''stewards of God.'' In this position he is a manager or administrator of God's house, dispensing under God to the members of the household the mysteries of God. As God's steward, he is directly accountable to Him. Steward is made up of two words: house and law. Refers to the law whereby a household is administered or governed. The word refers also to a manager of a household, a superintendent. Word speaks of responsibility. A steward does not own anything, but manages all that his Master puts into his hands. Major characteristic of both offices is faithfulness. He must use what his Master gives him for the good and glory of his Master, and not for himself personally. His time, possessions, ambitions, and talents are all loaned to him by the Lord; he must be faithful to use them to honor God and build the church.

v.1 Bishop
v.8 Deacon

Define and then give similarities to ministries

Bishop (overseer) - same as Pastor or elder. The overseer in the first century preached, taught, presided, expressed care and authority, and conferred discipline

Responsibility for the overseer?

To Rule - 1 Tim. 5:17
To Preach and Teach - 1 Tim. 5:17
To Pray For The Sick - James 5:14
To Care For The Church - 1 Peter 5:1-2
To Set Policy - Acts 15:22ff
To Ordain Other Leaders - 1 Tim 4:14

Deacon - to serve; original meaning of this word had to do with performing menial tasks such as waiting on tables; includes any service in the church. Means also administration, cared for, minister, servant, preparations, relief, support


''desires the position'' (likewise); speaks of a passionate compulsion; aspires/desires - 2 differ ...

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