Revival in the City by Steve Jones

Revival in the City
Steve Jones
A description of the Welsh Revival of 1904 reads "The bars were not the only places to be emptied. Dance halls, theaters, and football matches all saw a dramatic decline in attendance. The courts and jails were deserted and the police found themselves without any work to do. The story is told of policemen who closed their station and formed a choir to sing at the Revival meetings. Long-standing debts were repaid, church and family feuds were healed and a new unity of purpose was felt across denominational divides."
Something similar happened in the city of Ephesus on Paul's 3rd missionary journey as recorded in Acts 19. The silversmiths made their living off of the idol-worshiping citizens of the city. The silversmiths rioted out of anger over a lack of customers. They attributed the problem to the influence of Paul's gospel over the entire city. So many people had become Christians that they deserted the temple of Artemis and stopped buying the little silver replicas of the temple. What a powerful testimony to the influence of the Ephesian church in that city.
What are the factors that led to this citywide revival? I see four and each one is an action that you and I can take today to influence OUR city for the Lord.

Paul encountered some disciples in Ephesus. The word disciple simply means a learner. He asked if they had received the Holy Spirit and they said "no." That response prompts his next question "Into what then were you baptized?" Notice how the receiving of the Holy Spirit is connected to baptism in the mind of Paul. They had only received the baptism of John the Baptist so Paul baptizes them in the name of Jesus. We know from Acts 2:38 and Acts 5:32 that the indwelling gift of the Holy Spirit is given to all believers at their baptism. THEN Paul proceeds to lay his hands upon them in order to pass on the miraculous measure of the Holy Spiri ...

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