David: Forgiveness in the Present Tense by John Barnett

David: Forgiveness in the Present Tense
John Barnett

Forgiveness. Nothing matters more to any who have sinned—and God says all have sinned.

One moment before your last breath, one thing will matter more than anything else—whether you are dying forgiven or unforgiven.

That state (of being forgiven or unforgiven) transforms those days that lead up to that one moment before you die—to either the serenity knowing that you are forgiven or the dread of knowing that you aren't.


Which will be yours? The choices you make have everlasting consequences.

The peace you can have one moment before you die is available on a daily basis if you understand what God has done in Christ and if you choose to respond by faith to Him.

This morning we celebrate the forgiveness that is only in Christ. Through the life of a forgiven man named David we see the truth God has recorded for us in His Word.

We are progressing through the life of David. David is the most written about man in the Bible. David gives us more material on the reality of personal forgiveness, personal assurance of cleansing and personal peace in spite of sin and failure—than anyone else in God's Word.

Open again to the song David wrote for all the world to see his confident assurance that he was forgiven! David had a present, personal assurance of his complete forgiveness—that his guilt was past and his peace was secure. This morning we will focus on the first five verses. Note the present tense of God's forgiveness.

Psalm 32:1-5 A Psalm of David. A Contemplation. (This marks the first of a dozen of these maskils that are so titled because they give a ‘teaching' or ‘lesson' that need to be ‘pondered' or ‘contemplated'). This is also the second of the seven penitential Psalms or Psalms that speak of sorrow over sin. The 4th or middle of the seven is of course the greatest and most well known—the 51st Psalm.

Blessed is he whose ...

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