God, Can You Send Revival? (5 of 6) by Steve Wagers

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God, Can You Send Revival? (5 of 6)
Finding Answers to Hard Questions
Steve Wagers
Habakkuk 3:1-2
April 11.2007

Sermon Outline
1. The Condition that Precedes Revival
A) Nationally Wicked
B) Spiritually Wretched
2. The Cry that Produces Revival!
A) A Forceful Cry
B) A FearfulCry
3. The Cause that Promotes Revival
A) God's Power is Released
B) God's Presence is Revealed
C) God's Pardon is Remembered

A couple had 2 sons, ages 8 and 10, who were always getting into trouble If anything went on at school, or in the neighborhood, the parents knew that their son were somehow involved. The parents were at their wits end about what to do, so they sought the help of a minister who had experienced remarkable success in helping unruly children. The minister agreed to see the boys, but only if he could see them individually.

The 8-year old boy went first. The minister sat the boy down in front of his desk and then sternly asked, "Where is God?" The boy made no response, so the minister asked again, "Where is God?" Again, the boy made no attempt to answer, so the minister raised his voice, hit his fist on the desk and asked, "Where is God?"

The little boy, scared to death, got up, bolted out of the office, and ran straight home into his older brother's bedroom. His older brother asked, "What happened?" The younger brother said, "God is missing, and they think we did it!"

That statement holds true in the day which we live nationally, politically, economically, morally, and spiritually. One of the greatest tragedies is that God is missing in the average church and people do not even realize it.

Yet, if that statement is true of our day, it was especially true of Habakkuk's day. The nation had sunk to the preverbal bottom of wickedness, worldliness and woefulness.

The people of God had ignored the Word of God; they had refused the warning of God; and, thus, they were going to experience the wrath of God through the destruction and devastation of the Babylonians.

Thus, Habakkuk's looks at the helplessness, as well as the hopelessness of the condition of his day and asks a question that is quite relevant to our day, "God, Can You Send Revival?"

Let's find an answer to that hard question by examining the text. First, we see:

1. The CONDITION that PRECEDES Revival!

The condition of Habakkuk's day was one of helplessness and hopelessness. Their only hope rested in a manifestation, a revelation and a visitation of God, and God alone.

There was no attempt, by Habakkuk, to cover up the sins of the people. They were what they were; and, they were going to be the recipients of the judgment of God.

In verse 2, Habakkuk uses the word "wrath." The word means, "Commotion;" and, was often used in relation to the crashing of thunder. In other words, Habakkuk saw the judgment and the wrath of God crashing down upon the people of Judah for 2 reasons.

First, they had become:


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