God, Are You Sure You Know What You Are Doing? (2 of 6) by Steve Wagers

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God, Are You Sure You Know What You Are Doing? (2 of 6)
Finding Answers to Hard Questions
Steve Wagers
Habakkuk 1: 6-17
March 21.2007

Sermon Outline
1. The PLAN of God is REVIVED!
A) The Unusual Source to be Enlisted
B) The Unbelievable Success to be Enjoyed
2. The PERSON of God is REVERED!
A) God's Consistent Nature
1) His Existence
2) His Essence
B) God's Corrective Nature
1) He Will Preserve His People
2) He Will Punish His People
A) The Jealousy that Reveals His Glory
B) The Justice that Reveals His Grace

One of the greatest, if not the greatest, Bible doctrine is the Sovereignty of God. It is a doctrine that has become widely misunderstood and misinterpreted among fundamental circles; but, nonetheless, it is the most comforting attribute of our great God.

When we speak of God's sovereignty, we are simply affirming the fact that God is in utter, complete and total control of the affairs of men. He is surprised or shocked by anything that takes place in our lives. Thus, everything that happens must be filtered, and sifted through the sovereign fingertips of Almighty God.

Several years ago, I came across one of the greatest statements, concerning sovereignty that I have ever read. It was given by C. H. Spurgeon, who said,
"There is no attribute more comforting to His children than that of God's sovereignty. Under the most adverse circumstances, in the most severe trials, they believe that sovereignty has ordained their afflictions that sovereignty overrules them, and that sovereignty will sanctify them all. There is nothing for which the children ought to more earnestly contend to than the doctrine of their Master over all creation-the Kingship of God over all the works of His own hands-the Throne of God and His right to sit upon that throne...for it is God upon the Throne whom we trust."

That statement bears well as we come to the conclusion of Habakkuk 1. It seems that Habakkuk's ...

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