Going the Right Way in a Wrong Way World (3 of 23) by Ken Trivette

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Going the Right Way in a Wrong Way World (3 of 23)
The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached
Ken Trivette
Matthew 5:10-12

A) Positional Righteousness
B) Practical Righteousness
A) The Experience of Opposition
B) The Expectation of Opposition
A) Don't Let Opposition Discourage You
B) Don't Let Opposition Defeat You

There was a certain church that always served coffee after the sermon. The pastor asked a little boy if he knew why they served the coffee. The little boy replied, "It is to get the people wide awake before they drive home."

I must confess that I have heard a few sermons to nearly put me to sleep. I have no doubt that I have preached some that put people to sleep. I have about put myself to sleep a time or two. We are looking at a sermon that I am sure no one went to sleep. Every person was absolutely captivated with the sermon. It was the greatest sermon every preached by the greatest preacher who ever lived

We are looking at the Sermon on the Mount. As we saw last Sunday, the sermon begins with what is called the Beatitudes. Jesus gave eight beatitudes that tell us how to be happy in an unhappy world. We looked at the first seven, but I wanted us to look at the eighth by itself. It is so unique, that I wanted to look at it by itself.

R. Earle Allen commenting on the eighth beatitude said, "He gave them the keys to His kingdom (referring to the first seven beatitudes), then warned them what to expect when they dared to unlock the door."1

In the eighth beatitude, Jesus talks to us about going the right way in a wrong way world and what we should expect since we are. The subject of this beatitude is persecution. This is not one of the most encouraging things to expect in the Christian life, yet Jesus tells us that when we go the right way we can expect it from a world that is going the wrong way.

Let's look at this eighth beatitude by first thinking about:


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