Putting On A Good Show For The World (2 of 23) by Ken Trivette

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Putting On A Good Show For The World (2 of 23)
The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached
Ken Trivette
Matthew 5:13-16

A) Salty Christians
B) Shining Christians
A) The Difference the World Sees
B) The Devotion the World Sees
A) Salt that is Thrown Out
B) Light that is Turned Off

In 1 Corinthians 4:9 Paul made an interesting statement. He said that he and the apostles, as well as every Christian are "made a spectacle unto the world, and to angels, and to men." We get our word "theater" from the word translated "spectacle." Paul thinks of himself, and each of us that are saved, as on a stage being watched by the world, angels, and men.

In the case of a Christian we are not acting out a part, but living out a profession. We are not to pretending to be someone or something we are not, but actually showing the world what we are and who we are. Where we go to school, work, and the neighborhood in which we live is the stage on which we live out the Christian life. The people we come into contact with in every situation of life are the audience that is watching us.

As we continue looking at the greatest sermon ever preached, the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus talks to us about our Christian testimony. In perhaps the most familiar part of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus describes Christians as being salt and light in the world. You will notice in verse 16 Jesus spoke of what men see in us. He is talking about our Christian testimony. He is talking about putting on a good show for the world. I am not talking about showing off but showing out, showing out to the world what and who you are as a Christian.

Let's notice this portion of the greatest sermon ever preached and consider the following lessons about our testimony in the world as a Christian. First, Jesus describes:


In verse 13 Jesus said, "Ye are the salt of the earth." In verse 1 ...

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