Merry Christmas Jesus by Ken Trivette

Merry Christmas Jesus
Ken Trivette
Matthew 2:1-11

a) An Acknowledgement of His Lordship
b) An Acceptance of His Lordship.
a) The Lord Desires Our Worship
b) The Lord Deserves Our Worship
a) Jesus the Provided Savior
b) Jesus the Personal Savoir

In 2005, the average American household spent $870 for Christmas gifts. That amount is expected to be $949 in 2006. In one study I read, on average, Americans spend the first six months of every year paying off the holiday debt from the previous year.

I recently came across a new version of the Christmas carol Jingle Bells that would be descriptive of many:

Dashing through the mall...
On a late December day,
Through the Stores we go
Charging all the way...

Ching ... Ching ... Ching ...
Bells on registers ring
Making checkbooks light,
Oh, what fun it is to buy up
Everything in sight!

One husband wrote:

The wife is shopping for Christmas gifts,
With purchases small and large.
She doesn't believe in Santa Claus,
She believes in Master Charge!

When it comes to Christmas gifts, there is One who is often left out. We will buy gifts for family and friends but forget about the One who is most deserving of a gift and that is the Lord Jesus.

Someone has written:

Suppose it were your birthday
And all your friends would come,
And gather around your fireplace
There in your happy home.

They come with smiles and gladness
And bring their presents, too.
But when they start to share them,
There's not one for you.

They give them to each other,
A grand and costly lot.
But for the guest of honor,
They somehow just forgot.

You say things don't happen,
Nor should it ever be;
It seems too crude and cruel
For folks like you and me.

But friend have you considered
Just this is what men do?
Not, of course, to humans,
But of our Lord, it is true.

We celebrate His birthday
With all ...

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