Developing Our Spiritual Lives (4 of 13) by Daniel Rodgers

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Developing Our Spiritual Lives (4 of 13)
Dan Rodgers
I Peter 2:1-8
Wednesday, February 7, 2007

INTRODUCTION: In our lesson last week, we had looked at (1:17-25), with Peter's discussion on how we should live as we spend our remaining time here on earth. In (vs. 17b), he said, "...pass the time of your sojourning here in fear." In other words, because we have such respect for God and a certain fear of the judgment seat (vs. 17a), we are to, as Paul said in Phil. 2:12, " out our salvation with fear and trembling."

In this lesson, we pick up that thought in the beginning of chapter 2, with the word, "Wherefore...." In other words, because of everything Peter just said in the previous chapter---that we are to sojourn in fear, that we are to consider the tremendous price paid for our salvation (vs. 18), that we have purified our souls by obeying the truth of the gospel, and finally, that we have been born again...because of all that, then we will continue to develop our spiritual lives by doing the following: We will...

I. Remove Some Things
II. Desire Some Things
III. Offer Some Things

Peter said, "Wherefore, lay aside" or remove some things

A. Malice: According to Strong's Concordance, malice means, "badness, depravity or trouble." It can mean "naughtiness or wickedness." It can mean holding a grudge against someone, being malicious or trying to get even.

1. When a person holds malice or a grudge
against someone, they hurt two people—the one they are upset with and they hurt themselves. In James 5:9 we are told, Grudge not one against another, brethren, lest ye be condemned: behold, the judge standeth before the door.

B. Guile: It means trickery or deceit, trying to bait someone by craftiness or subtlety. It can be done by flattery or by deliberately misleading someone for personal gain—be for it money, position, promotion or for advantage among friends. Re ...

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