The Importance Of Preaching It All by Johnny Hunt

The Importance Of Preaching It All
Johnny Hunt
Titus 2:15
March 18, 2007

INTRODUCTION: Paul has placed Titus on the Island of Crete for the express purpose of developing leaders. Paul had a passion for developing leaders, such as Timothy and Titus. Consider the necessary progression for growing beyond mere
shepherding, to equipping and developing. He desired to develop leaders that would care for the people, train them for ministry, as well as train for personal growth. Titus had been taught by Paul to lead by exhortation of truth, but also emulation of testimony.

Paul tells Titus to "speak these things" -- what things? Refers back to what Paul has mentioned so far in this chapter regarding holy living and the precious gospel, summed-up in the phrase, "the things which are proper for sound doctrine" (healthy). It was these divine truths that Titus was, in turn, "to speak, exhort, and rebuke."



This points to the pastor's responsibility to preach, announce, reveal, and disclose, with the intent of making clear God's truth, so that those who hear may understand. Careful and faithful biblical preaching gives them knowledge of that truth.

He must speak the whole truth and it alone, no unfounded human speculation. It sets forth the
presentation of the will of God.
"speak" -- present imperative; implies that Titus is busy doing these things and he is to continue.

"There are some things about which argument is not
possible and on which discussion is not relevant.
There are times when he must say, ‘Thus saith the

William Barclay


His struggle on the authority of Scriptures; went to the woods with water, Bible, and notebook. He settled it, and now his emphasis is, "The Bible says!"


Apply the truth to local circumstances and ...

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