The Lost Tomb or the Empty Tomb? Which Is It And Why Does It Matter? by Stan Coffey

The Lost Tomb or the Empty Tomb? Which Is It And Why Does It Matter?
(Easter Message)
Stan Coffey
MATT. 27: 62-66 NIV

This Easter we must all make a choice whether we will stand with the skeptics
who say they have found the Lost Tomb of Jesus or do you stand with 2000
years of Christian scholarship and testimony and millions of Christians who
believe in the empty tomb of Jesus

The importance of your answer is defined by Mark 1:16 "Whoever believes and is
baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believed will be condemned."

What is the new attack on the literally bodily resurrection of Jesus
from the dead in particular and on the Christian faith as well?

Hundreds of ancient tombs have been discovered in Jerusalem, but one represents an an attempt to rewrite the early history of Christianity. In 1980 a construction crew exposed a family tomb which had remained hidden since the first Century.

Carved above the tomb entrance were unusual symbols and inside the tomb
archaeologists found ten ossuaries---small limestone coffins in which Jews of
the time placed the bones of their dead.

While only 20 percent of ossuaries discovered in Israel have inscriptions, six of the ten in this tomb had writing on them. The team removed the boxes, catalogued them and stored them in a warehouse.

It was not until years later that other researchers noticed that the ossuaries bore
an unusual cluster of names which, if taken together, might be construed to be
a list of the members of Jesus' family

In the feature documentary, "The Lost Tomb of Jesus," aired on the Discovery
channel, it is asserted by director James Cameron, who also directed the
Titanic movie and documentary, and by Simacha Jacobovici that this is
the family tomb of Jesus of Nazareth.

Six inscriptions were discovered with names similar to or the same as some
of Jesus Christ's family and disciples.

Jesus, son of Joseph, Mary, Mariamene Mara, Matthew,
Jofa, and Judah, so ...

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