In A Dark Dangerous Valley by Robert Walker

In A Dark Dangerous Valley
Don't Get Discouraged: There Is A Way Out

The Twenty-third Psalm is considered to be a universal Psalm and it is the Pearl of the Psalms. This "Pearl of Psalms," the simplest and sweetest song ever sung, was written by David the shephered-king.

The Psalm has brought comfort to many a broken heart. Psalm 23 probably has been one of my favorite scriptures to use for the death of a saint.

I want us to look at a Valley really it is a geological rift that goes from Jerusalem which is 2700 feet above sea level down to the Dead Sea which is 1300 feet below sea level.

This valley just before you get to Jericho widens out into a valley just about four and half miles long and 1500 feet of sheer rock on each side.

And its widest place at the bottom of that valley is only ten to twelve feet wide. Since the time of Abraham it has been known as the Valley of the shadow of death.

The word valley refers to a deep ravine in which lurks wild beast the natural enemies of the sheep. Valley is a Hebrew idiom for intense darkness.

This was a very useful valley because in the winter when there was not much grass the only time the Shepherds traveled that valley was to take their sheep down to Jericho and there the sheep would winter at Jericho and feed on the luscious green grass

Traveling through the Valley saved a lot of time but it was dangerous and the shepherds took great care when it came to the safety of the sheep. Friend that is a picture of our great shepherd as He takes care of us.

And that is the picture we have in Psalm 23 verse four Yea though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death I will fear no evil for thou art with me. Thy rod and thy staff they comforted me.

I want to look at three things from this marvelous passage this morning. First of all:-


I am convinced that Valley is not primarily a picture of death. It is a mistranslation to make it ju ...

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