How To Distinguish God's Voice From Other Voices (3 of 8) by Stan Coffey

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How To Distinguish God's Voice From Other Voices (3 of 8)
Stan Coffey

Tonight we want to talk about how to distinguish God's voice from other voices. You realize that there are some people who talk to themselves. Don't worry about it. If you are one of those people who talk to yourself, just worry about it
when you begin to answer yourself.

God communicates with us. We've been talking about that for the last two Sundays. The Lord wants to speak to us and communicate a message to us and He does it is several ways.

We mentioned four basic ways that God communicates to us. There are also other voices that speak to us. There is the voice of our own conscience and the voice of our own mind sometimes that actually speaks to us.

We get an impression and that impression may have come from ourselves. Then sometimes, impressions can come to us by demonic forces, by Satan's forces, because he would like to influence us. He would like to have our ear. He would

like to speak to us. So sometimes, an impression may come from a demonic source.

Then, of course, an impression may come from God, the Holy Spirit. We have talked about how the Holy Spirit gives us impressions and how the Holy Spirit guides us into all truth.

These impressions come from ourselves as in Proverbs 14:12 that says, "There is a way that seemeth right unto a man but the ends thereof are the ways of death." So an idea can seem right to you, it can seem to be what you ought to do and actually

be wrong because if it's human wisdom, it can be misguided. There's way that seems right to a man, but the end thereof is the way of death. So, it is very important to learn how to distinguish God's voice from any other voice.

The Lord certainly speaks to us as it says in Job, that God does speak and Satan also, the Bible says, can transform his ministers into angels of light. There are a lot of people today who are involved in some devili ...

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