The Best Is Yet To Be (1 of 2) by Johnny Hunt

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The Best Is Yet To Be
Johnny Hunt
Acts 20:28-38
December 10, 2006

INTRODUCTION: After reviewing the past, looking intently at their present ministry, Paul is now ready to recharge for the future.

Paul really desires these leaders to enjoy effective ministries that will be used by God to protect and lead the church.

.v28 "Therefore, take heed to yourselves..." I must confess, if I take careful inventory of my life in Christ and the service He called me to over these last 33 years, I personally believe I have had more trouble with me than anyone else. It has been my mouth, my lack of patience, my immaturity, my lack of sacrifice, etc. that has had to be constantly under check. With that in mind, note Paul's challenge to spiritual leaders as he find himself in the last days of his race.


"take heed to yourselves" -- this reminds me of the fact
that the church is important to God

"church of God" (of the Lord and God)

1. Bears His Name. Speaks of Preciseness
2. Son Shed His Blood. Speaks of Price
3. Holy Spirit is Calling and Equipping People to Minister. Speaks of His Pleading

Paul told the church at Ephesus that Christ loved the
church and gave Himself for it.
He then told the husbands to love their wives as Christ
loved the church.

ILL. Dr. Jeremiah's devotion on John Newton and wife,

What words come to my mind when I think of Christ's love for this church (demonstrated); my love for my wife exemplified?

Sacrificial (Giving)
Sanctified (set apart as mine)

One word that does not come to mind --

Neglect (taken for granted)


"savage wolves" -- false teachers


"speaking perverse things" -- misleading; people within the church who are ambitious for position and power

3 John 9-11, "I wrote to the church, but Diotrephes, who loves to hav ...

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