You've Gotta Believe God Can Do Anything by Robert Walker

You've Gotta Believe God Can Do Anything
MATTHEW 17:14-21; MARK 9:14-29; LUKE 9:37-42

What happens when the Church cannot measure up to the problems of the world? What happens when the Church cannot produce? What happens when the Church has words without works? When the church has platitudes and promises but no performance.

We serve a Lord that has "unbounded" ability but in these days it seems like the Church is bounded by inability to see life changed in our midst.

Let's look at this father that comes and says, "Can you help him"? Can you change his life"?


You see this little boy whose life had been seized by some strong impulse of self destruction.

This little boy is the very symbol of the helpless and hurting humanity that is burden not blessed and broken.

In Matthews 17 verse 15 it is said that the father called his boy a "lunatic"; then in verse 18 the scripture says the boy was delivered when Jesus rebuke "the devil"; and Mark 9:17 tells us that the boy was possessed by "a dumb spirit".

This little boy is left dumb and speechless. This is one of the saddest scenes in the Bible.

Here was a little boy whose smile should have brought joy and jubilation to their home.

Here is a little boy whose vibrant voice should have greeted every sunrise.

Here is a little boy whose play worn body should have fallen in the bed at night tired because of the play of the day.

Here was a little boy who was caught in seizers; a little boy grinding his teeth in destruction. A little boy throwing himself in the fire in which his mother cooks and on the other hand throwing himself into the head waters at the base of the Jordan.

You may argue but this clearly is a case of demon-possession. The description given of this boy's condition reminds us forcibly of the way in which the Word of God describes the condition and the plight of the natural man.

He is the very symbol of helpless, hurtin ...

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