THE LIFE THAT WINS by Robert Walker


Let me ask you a question. Where are the fiercest conflicts? You say I can tell you down at the office where I work it is zoo. Not that is not where the fiercest conflicts are going on.

You say well it must be on the football field where these gigantic players are competing on the ball field. I don't think so.

Well it must be out somewhere where the police are confronting those who are committing crime. No I don't think so.

I think the fiercest conflicts are found in the hearts of those that are trying to live the Christian life as they come face to face with the enemy of their soul as they fight in this spiritual battle.

I wonder how many of us are living the winning life or is it a losing battle? There can be moments of great spiritual victory and then I can trip and fall flat on my face.

Friend I believe Paul is telling us there is only one life that wins and that life is the life of Jesus Christ.

Listen to Paul's philosophy of life for me to live is Christ. Many people today, if they were honest, would have to say that for them to live is money, fame, happiness, family.

But Jesus Christ was the sun around which Paul's life orbited. If the Emperor's verdict was death, Paul would be better off than if he continued to live.

He would go into the presence of his Lord and be free forever from the shackles of sin, suffering and sorrow.

Furthermore he would have glorified God by persevering faithfully to the end of his life. Let's look at this fantastic verse of six words one syllable each. "To me to live is Christ."


The emphasis of Paul is to me or for me to live. Look at that little word me. If this experience with Jesus is not for me personally, then of what use is it to me at all? The two words with one syllable each makes all the difference in the world.

It is the difference between being lost or saved; go ...

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