It Is Amazing What You Can Do When You Don't Know You Can't by Robert Walker


The late Charlie Jones used to tell salesmen about the lad who was sitting sadly under a tree by the road as a crackerjack salesman drove by. The boy sat by a scruffy looking little puppy under a crudely scrawled sign reading, Puppy for sale, cheap!

The look on the kids face was enough to tell the salesman he wasn't having much luck. The man stopped his car and walked over. The boy told him his plight. His dog had pups and his dad told him he could have the money if he sold this last one.

But nobody was interested. The salesman offered some advice. You need to think positive. You have to believe that you have the best product in the world. You have to make it look good. You have to make people believe this is the best dog ever.

The boy listened intently as the man told him everything he needed to know about salesmanship. Finally the salesman moved on to his appointment. An hour later he was on his way to his next appointment.

The boy with the puppy was still there. But this time he was dressed in his best duds. The dog had been washed and brushed. There was a big bow around his neck. The sign now read, World's greatest dog for sale. $10,000 dollars!

The salesman thought to himself, what have I done? Unfortunately he didn't have time to straighten out the youngster.

Later that day the salesman happened down the same street. He had almost forgotten about the lad. As he drove by he noticed that the sign was still there. The boy and dog were gone, but across the $10,000 sign was scrawled in big letters SOLD!

The man couldn't believe his eyes. He had to stop and find out what really happened. He walked up to the house and asked for the lad. The boy came to the door with a big smile on his face. Tell me, son. You didn't sell that scrawny pup for any $10,000?

I sure did, replied the boy. Then he hesitated and added, sort of. I traded him for two $5 ...

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